Why Removing Rap Genius will be the beginning of the end of Google as a Search Engine

Here that? Its the sound of Googles credibility as a objective algorithm based search engine going down the drain. If you havent heard here is a quick rundown of events.

  • RapGenius is a hot startup that launched a few years ago. They are a self proclaimed “Lyric site that doesnt suck” which I would agree with. What makes RapGenius unique is that they not only give you the lyrics to your favorite songs, they explain the lyrics of your favorite songs line by line. Users scroll over a line in a song & a pop up explaining what the musician was talking about specifically, but what really puts the “genius” in Rap Genius is how they escape the copyright infringement issues that plague most lyric sites. All of the lyrics on Rap Genius are crowd sourced by users and because users are adding their own explanation of the lyrics its considered a form of art and therefore protected by “fair use”. At least that was my understanding when I last checked.
  • A few days ago RapGenius put a pretty brilliant, but froogle campaign/plan into action that cashed in on some of the influence and good will they had built up with the tech community by creating a amazing product that people love . You can find a detailed explanation of exactly what they did here:http://jmarbach.com/rapgenius-growth-hack-exposed
  • Matt Cutt’s – The guy in charge of search at Google got wind of this and decided to step in and block RapGenius completely from Googles search results a few days later.

Google has been fucking people over and ignoring their requests since they became the dominant search engine over a decade ago. For years they have told everyone and anyone complaining about their page ranking that their search ranking is determined by a algorithm and that they have a strict “no human interference policy” . They gave the same answer to everyone under the sun from politicians complaining about pages that damaged their credibility to the 100s of startups Google fucked over with the Panda update instantly overnight a while ago.Over the years alot of people have bitched about Googles ranking and no interference policys, but the reason they put up with and accepted it in the end was bc Google always gave the same answer to everyone no matter how rich, important or influential you were which made their search results somewhat fair and objective ( at least in my opinion) until tonight. Google removing Rap Genius from their search results for cashing in some of the influence they built in the world for higher page rankings on pages that were key to their startups success is assnine and subjective. The people who helped rap genius by posting the links  were real people who owned real blogs( most of which who understood what Rap Genius was doing) no one was “tricked” and if they dint have a good reputation/alot of influence in the world they would never of been able to get nearly enough people to do it for them to make them the #1 result.

Carl Sagan Predictions From 20 Years Ago Were Spot On!!!

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Mind Reading Machine Lets You Type With Your Brain!

Just imagine what were going to see from Apple in the next 10 years. Just shows you how far ahead of the game Apple was with Siri, they know where the future is going.

Talent is a Myth, Personality isnt Natural

After reading countless books and case studies ive come to the conclusion “Talent” in the sense that most people think of it doesn’t exist. In fact even our personality’s are not as much about who we are naturally as it is about the social environment we grew up in .Hard to believe? Do some research for yourself. You will find that almost every pop star, professional athlete , entrepreneur, actor, chess champion, composer or any one else that has achieved the highest levels of success in a field all had a few things in common. They were all were told from a  very young age that they had “talent” in a certain area and usually strongly encouraged to develop that “talent” by there parents and second, they were all told by someone they trusted they were “special” from a young age and walked through their entire life really believing it deeply. In other words, they walked through life feeling entitled to the success they eventually gained as if it was destiny. This works because the world rewards people who are sure of themselves. 90% of the world is indecisive and walks through life in a zombie like trance taking whatever scraps the world hands them. So when we meet someone who is decisive , knows exactly what they want and is confident they deserve it the world gets out of the way and gives you whatever you’re striving for.

How does this relate to our personality’s? Simple , its the same concept only less extreme. Is being creative part of you’re identity and what you consider one of you’re strongest qualities? Its likely when you were young you drew something or did something like draw a picture that was just a little bit better then everyone else the same age and you’re teachers and parents gave you alot of positive reinforcement to keep doing what ever you did. You’re mind picks up on this and decides that its more valuable to take on the identity of someone who is creative than you’re old identity with no special quality’s so you work harder and more often at whatever it is you did to get the positive reinforcement and the cycle repeats until soon you’ve been doing it so long that you’re mind starts to consider that quality as part of you’re natural identity. Are you a extremely social extrovert who usually leads the group or a really shy introvert? Same concept. Lets pretend growing up you were always a year older than everyone in you’re grade and this meant you were always bigger, smarter and stronger than you’re peers. Its likely you would take on a leadership position in that environment and by the time you go off to college the qualities of a leader will be so deeply etched into you’re brain that it will just feel natural to lead in any environment, but take that same kid in a environment where his peers are bigger, more aggressive and all competing for that leadership role and that would be leader has now developed the qualities of a follower and believes just as strongly that the traits of a follower are just part of who he is naturally as the highly successful people believe they are special and entitled to success. At first its hard for alot of people to accept this because the human ego likes to build a identity around associating you’re skills or personality with who you are.It wants to believe you’re strengths are some divine power you were gifted from the heavens and that there is nothing you can do about you’re shortcomings, but if you can get past that you start to realize its actually much more of a uplifting than the concept of talent or natural personality. It means that anyone can change or get good at anything they really try at and their are no unchangeable shortcomings , just things you need to work on.

Proof You’re Political Beliefs Are Based on Bias & Bullshit- What Dems & Repubs Have in Common

I started to realize that getting into political debates was foolish when I found out that 84% of people inherit the same political beliefs as their parents.Meaning that most of you dint come to you’re political opinions through life experience and deep thought…you’re daddy told you it was true and from that point forward you started looking for evidence to reinforce the belief the same way we all do for every belief we have and of course you find it because you’re looking for it, but what you dont realize is you’re missing or filtering out the same amount of evidence for the opposing set of beliefs going on around you. If you don’t believe me there is a simple test you can do. Ask someone to look around for 30 seconds and memorize all the objects that are red in the room and then have them close their eyes. Once their eyes are shut ask them to name off all the blue objects in the room….they can’t do it bc you influenced them to have a bias towards finding red objects.You fucked up there judgement and stopped them from thinking for themselves. Seems obvious when you put it like this why the person wouldn’t remember the blue objects, but in real life no one ever tells you you’re mind is constantly  doing this to you.In you’re mind you truly believe reality is that there are only red objects or blue objects because you’ve spent you’re whole life looking for one or the other and you don’t just think you’re right YOUR CERTAIN YOUR RIGHT …After all you have a lifetime worth of memory’s as evidence to support you’re belief, how could you be wrong?




Variety’s of Beer Mind Map

Probably the best bar tee-shirt ever made.Proudly wear all the major styles of beer with representative examples for each in a wholly updated design.




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Leap Motion Turns Any Monitor into a Touch Screen Without the Touching

Leap Motion is a little box you between you’re keyboard and you’re monitor and it instantly gives you’re screen the propertys of a touchscreen without ever laying a finger on the actual glass. Guessing this company gets bought up by Apple or one of the other giants in the next 6 months.

Source & Preorder: http://www.leapmotion.com/

Top 10 Best Episodes of ThisWeekinStartups – #TWiST Top 10

Today I decided to google “Best episodes of ThisWeekInStartUps” and I was amazed when almost nothing came up. I know when I discovered TWiST I wanted to know what were the “must-see” episodes worth watching from the archives(255 videos and counting)  So I put together my own “#TWiSTop10 “  and here it is . Whats you’re #TWiSTop10 ? Leave it in a comment below or even better write me a response blog post on you’re blog with the title #TWiST Top 10 and tweet it to me @fresh83 or leave a link for me in the comments below.

10. Joe Stump- Founder of Sprint.ly

9. Hosain Rahman-Founder of Jawbone

8. Salman Khan Founder of Khan Academy

7. Gary Vaynerchuk Founder of Wine Library | Author of  ” Crush It” & “The Thank You Economy”

6. Kevin Rose – Founder of Milk & Digg

5. Ryan Carson – Founder of TeamTreehouse.com & Carsonified

4. Joe Fernandez-Founder of Klout

3. Travis Kalanick- Founder of Uber | Creator of the worlds first P2P network

2. Jason Calacanis- Penn State talk – Founder of ThisWeekIn , Mahalo & Engadget( Web Blogs INC)

1. David Heinemeier Hansson- Founder of 37 Signals | Creator of Ruby on Rails

Creative Inspiration – Vol.7

Just a few pieces of art ive come across that have inspired me in some way or another.When viewing these pieces take a second to step back from what they might represent to you and focus on them as art. Realize these all started out a blank canvas and were hand crafted through hours of work by someones imagination. Appreciate the style, the color, the perspective.You can recognize great art without agreeing with the message.

Note: Sorry if there are 1 or 2 duplicates this week , my hard drive recently crashed and I lost alot of my images/folders that kept everything separated.



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Creations Are A Southpaw’s Best Friend

I know way to many people wasting time trying to make dead end relationships work and making themselves miserable in the process or spending loads of time and money trying to gain social acceptance.Why? Instead of relying on people to make you feel fulfilled and complete channel all you’re passion into something tangible that no one can ever take from you like learning a new skill,a personal goal or a project.I am not gonna lie , when I was young I put a lot of energy into girls like many teenage boys, but that was a mistake.As sad as it is People are fucked up, we want what we cant have so the more attention you give a person the less they want it. Even more will let you down if you count on them . Its not their fault either, it’s just human nature.I know im guilty of doing it from time to time myself. In contrast creations only get better the more you put into them and they are willing to take whatever time you will give them.They manifest into something you can be proud of and they ALWAYS give back in satisfaction whatever you put into them. I think this is something alot of the creative minds discovered early on in life. Einstein , Steve Jobs , Bill Gates , Zuckerberg, Gandhi, Leonardo Da Vinci ,Jimi Hendrix, Napoleon Bonaparte, Aristotle, Oprah all had hardships growing up, voids left from imperfect family life or a feeling of not fitting in that led them to start something of their own. It makes you wonder, would they have become what they became if they grew up in picture perfect family’s?

I think that’s part of why I started Buhz. Regardless of what comes of it , its a outlet. I can work on it for a hour or 48 and it will never disappoints me.It kindly makes use of all my latest ideas with no debate. Its a objective reflection of my passion and how hard I have worked at all times, whether its looking like shit or a masterpiece I know I have no one to blame, but myself.